Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Available for hire

Dear Readers,

Yours truly is on the market. I'm looking for a job or freelance work--either in Florence or in the virtual sphere (or both). My family and I have developed the pesky habit of liking to eat--and the global economic crisis (I've been told) has resulted in the whittling down of my current hours/salary into little more than a mournful nub.

I have a lot of verve, and a Master's Degree in English Literature to boot. Over the years, I've worn many hats and can say with unabashed certainty that I can do almost anything you'd care to throw at me--as long as it doesn't involve ironing or taking my clothes off.

Please contact me if you know of anything, dear, sympathetic Readers. I'll be happy to discuss details, forward a resumé, etc.

Thanks for your support,



  1. Markian4:27 PM

    I could use an editor when I launch my new blog in May. Pay is in chile rellenos.

  2. Why Markian, I am indeed intrigued! You are speaking my language.

  3. Have you found anything? I know how you feel, times are hard...

  4. Hi Saretta,

    No, unfortunately nothing yet. It is really quite discouraging out there. I'm gnashing my teeth in frustration!


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