Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A blog is born

Dear Readers,

Even though I still have a few more posts in the pipeline here at Letters from Florence, I thought I'd mention that the new, Portland-based blog is up and taking those first few tentative lurches toward a full-on writerly stride, as soon as I can settle a bit here and get my bearings.

The blog is called Bumblepuppy (*) and you can find it by scurrying over to

Here's the gist of it: a former expat (ahem, me) returns to America and tries not to pee her pants in gratitude and glee every time a random stranger or bureaucrat is actually nice to her, or when a simple task/errand does not take hours/days/eternities to accomplish nor requires buckets of angst/rage-induced perspiration and a marca da bollo. Kind of an Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole sort of thing. Or a former Florentine Yankee in King Arturo's Court kinda thing. And probably a reverse culture shock kinda thing, too.

I hope you'll follow me over to the new digs, dear Readers, in order to accompany me on this mad maiden voyage among the tall timbers of the Portlandian northwest.

So come on: grab your kilt, bagpipes and unicycle and let's make some beautiful music together.

May the Force be with You,


* What is this 'bumblepuppy' of whom I speak, you ask? As we say around these here parts: GTS... (Google that shit)


  1. Best of luck to you and yours in this new chapter of your life.
    Enjoying your writing, as always.


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