Friday, August 03, 2018

My Tuscan Restaurant, New Blog and Where to Find Me and Read My Writing for Those of You Who Might Care to Do So

Dear Readers,

I'm hopping back here briefly to update those of you who may not know that I've been living in Portland, Oregon these past five years. My Florentine chef-husband and I are proudly keeping the flame alive here in America with our Tuscan restaurant—Burrasca. So if you're hungry and pining, come see us if you're ever out this way.

I've also begun a new blog (after that last false start) where my latest writing is living: Artichokes in Exile. I'll be writing about food, travel, Italy, and the ups and downs in trying to run an authentic Tuscan restaurant ("authentic" being a much-abused word, but there it is)—which to me feels like equal parts food service, cultural ambassadorship, and utter lunacy. If you're so inclined, please read and tell me what you think.

Thanks for your support all these years!

As always, yours from the Tuscan trenches (now entrenched on American soil),

Elizabeth Petrosian ... aka Campobello

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